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Royce Park Interview #2

Ashley Baldwin December 7, 2017 If you’ve been keeping up with the school newspaper publishings, or at least my particular articles, you should be familiar with the band Royce Park. If you aren’t, you need to be. The 4-piece pop punk group is composed of Peter Hart (Class of 2016), Denham Miron (Class of 2017), Mikey McGaffigan (Senior), and Tanner Nelson (Senior). They play music that appeals to the UP’s party scene and sad kids, which if you ask me, is a good crowd to be in on. One show and many tedious attempts at planning later, I sat down with Peter Hart and Mikey McGaffigan for the second time to ask them about their new EP and the writing process. “ Can you tell me a little about the EP you guys are putting out? ” Peter: It’s gonna have three to five tracks, and we’re keeping it short to get it out quick because we want to give people something to listen to. Mikey: We just worked on two new songs to put on it last night. “When are you guys planning on put

Eskymos Take on the Panthers

Kenadie Dagenais November 5th, 2017 The Alma Panthers traveled to the Escanaba Athletic Field for round two of the Michigan high school football playoff series. The Eskymos won the coin toss and Christer Carne, jersey number eleven, kicked the ball to the Panthers. After a few plays, Alma fumbled the ball, and it is picked up by the Eskymos. Cody Vandermissen, number forty-four, scored the first touchdown of the game, and Christer Carne, number eleven, kicked the ball through the goal for an extra point to put the score at 7-0, Eskymos. The Panthers catch up as Alma’s Brec Alward, number sixteen, scores a touchdown. Alma’s kicker, Justin VanBlaricum, number fifteen, ties the score 7-7. Our Eskymo quarterback, Craig Kamin (number eight), ran the ball into the endzone. Carne kicked the ball through the goal once again, forwarding the score to 14-7, Eskymos. That ended the first quarter. The second quarter started with a quick Alma touchdown by Brandon Huff, number four, and VanBlar

Book Club

Destiny Lopez November 28, 2017 Many of you have been walking these halls for years. Yet there are some clubs that most students haven't heard of, myself included, because they rarely have the spotlight; one of them being the EHS Book Club. To find out more about this club, I interviewed three seniors that Mrs. Wiles, the club advisor, recommended to me: Janel LaPalm, Christina LaPalm, and Suki Zhao. All three seniors are in their second year of Book Club. “What do you do in Book Club?” Suki : “Well, we read books, obviously.” Janel : “We read about four or five books throughout the year, all of which we vote on. At the start of the year, we have a lot of meetings to vote and to decide what events we’ll take part in. Like last year, where we helped the Silver Linings club with the book drive.” “Do you have to pay for the books?” Christina : “No, it’s completely free. The books are provided to us by the Friends at the Library. They donated hundreds of dollars

The Importance of Classical Literature in Our Lives

Don Carlson December 22, 2017 Shakespeare, Dostoyevsky, Hemingway, Orwell, etc., students dread all of those names, and some may not even know who all of them are. Students absolutely despise classical literature, and maybe they have a good reason to. However, classical literature should be apart of every young adult’s life. Reading classical literature can help us understand the world around us, morality, and cultural references. One of the main reasons why students despise reading classical literature, is the way it is often introduced to them. A teacher will hand out the book, make the class read aloud certain parts of the book, or make them read it on their own, and there are quizzes on the material that lead up to a test. Listening to your fellow classmates, who, like yourself, are not skilled at reading aloud, drone on in a monotone voice, is possibly the most boring thing that you could be forced to endure. Too often, it seems like you’re just going through the motions

Net Neutrality: It’s Here for a Reason!

Marlene Deloria November 30, 2017 As of Tuesday, November 28th, the Federal Communications Commission publicly proposed to repeal the rules of Net Neutrality formed by the Obama Administration. This may mean absolutely nothing to you, but it really should. ‘Oh, but we’re high schoolers in Escanaba, this couldn’t possibly involve us.’ It does. Now you’re probably wondering how the repeal of Net Neutrality could involve  us, right? Let’s break it down. Net Neutrality is a base rule saying that all service providers must treat all data the same and cannot single out any content, site, platform or application. By no means can an ISP change the speed at which a consumer accesses data because of what it’s distributing, nor can they block a site on their end with the that form of reasoning.  Let’s whirl back around to that nagging question as to why it should concern each and every one of us. We are that consumer. We pay service providers (Charter, Comcast, BrightHouse, etc.)

Escanaba Yearbook Editor Interview

Ashley Baldwin November 9, 2017 Every year Escanaba Senior High School puts out a yearbook for the students to purchase and keep as a memory for the rest of their lives. In yearbooks you can see the embarrassing school pictures of your classmates, snapshots from sports games, and the sweaty faces of fellow teens from the school dances. For those of us who love looking back at our past memories, yearbooks are a blessing. Thanks to the school’s 12th grade English teacher Tammy Wiles and the editors that are put up to the task of creating the school’s yearbook, we are able to hold our school year in the palms of our hands. I sat down and talked to the editors for the 2017-2018 yearbook, Kasey Nelson and Kassidy Wigand, both from the senior class. “What’s the process of making the yearbook like?” Kassidy: We start out with blank pages and for each theme that we have, they all have individual layouts that we can input pictures in, design the fonts how we want, set the s

Escanaba's Voices of LGBTQ+ Youth

Marlene Deloria 11 November 2017 With legalization of same-sex marriage in all 50 states as of 2015, celebrities have grown more comfortable and vocal about their involvement with the LGBTQ+ community. Americans in general, have become more accepting toward the community and have really drawn out more evolved, compassionate perspectives. The last two years’ twists and changes have inspired me to take a moment to talk with the LGBTQ+ youth of EHS about their experiences and what they feel needs to be said.     “How did you know you were to be considered a member of the LGBTQ+ community?” Anonymous #1: “For the longest time, I didn’t know. There are still days I find myself confused over it and feel distant from my own head. I think the moment it hit me, the realization...It was just last year. I couldn’t shake this feeling that I wasn’t myself. I’d brush it off and ignore it. Try to pin this idea that it was just my age. I’d tell myself ‘I couldn’t possibly be gay. Not me, no, I like b